Key Details
Name: Viswanathan Anand
Sunsign: Sagittarius Symbol: The Archer
Birth Number: 11 Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Chinese Sign: Rooster Type: Fire-Mutable-Positive
Sun Sign
Sun Sign Prediction: Sagittarius - The sign of the Lawyer, the Sage.
Personality: Idealistic, honest, impatient, enthusiastic, frank and fearless, ambitious, philosophical, boisterous, argumentative and impulsive.
Positive Qualities: Fearless and frank, sportsmanlike, independent, curious and intelligent, generous, aspiring and nature-loving.
Negative Qualities: Boastful and aggressive, overconfident, prone to exaggeration, tactless, lacking in concentration, inconsistent and crude.
Along with Geminis, you are the clowns of the Zodiac, laughs Ganesha. You eat challenges for breakfast. You are good communicators and are fond of pets. The outdoors attracts you. Eternal optimists, you are fun loving and love to enjoy life to the full. You are talkative and jolly good company. You should not be overly involved in broadening your horizons, as, you could miss things right here in the immediate environment. Your brand of communication is inspirational. You are highly affectionate and wise and candid in your views apart from being sincere, straightforward and broad-minded. You have a fiery temperament and could be given to bursts of short temper. You could become a legal luminary. Fearless and very fortunate, you could be restless, very impatient and argumentative. You are a great lover of nature. Overconfidence and tactlessness could be detrimental to you. You don't like your independence to be tampered with. You repay kindness large-heartedly. Being restless, you tend to travel a lot.
Birth Number
Birth Number Prediction: 11
Guard yourself from your own sensitivity and idealism as Ganesha notes that you are more than likely to get hurt when your good deeds or genuine feelings are not reciprocated. Blessed with attractive nature, you are however not expected to have bitter enemies. Being mentally agile, you size up issues really fast and deal with them in your own unique, innovative and yet effective fashion. The enviable part about your nature is that in spite of your apparent friendly and easygoing approach, you are not the one to shy away from difficult situation and love to have underdogs under your wings.
Chinese Sign
Chinese Sign Prediction: Rooster
Roosters are very frank, intelligent and educated, generally. Ganesha finds you to be a keen observer, good philosopher and thinker. You do have colourful and flamboyant personality and impressive appearance. Non-discreet, you tend to generate a feeling of intimacy quite easily. You are least complicated and people find you rather straightforward. You are generally apprehensive about things that you come across in life and can be aggressive as well. You could be very sceptical too about things so no one can fool you easily. However, you also have the determination to achieve goals that you desire. Though a hard nut to crack, yet you tend to succumb to sweet talk and flattery. Sharp, practical and resourceful, Ganesha finds you to be a good host, who loves to entertain guests. You are passionate but may tend to run away from serious relationships when it comes to commit yourself. Being courageous and intelligent you feel that you are `outstanding'. You hate being criticised and may also tend to keep away from such environment or friendships.