Key Details
Name: Lata Mangeshkar
Sunsign: Libra Symbol: The Scales
Birth Number: 28 Ruling Planet: Venus
Chinese Sign: Snake Type: Air-Cardinal-Positive
Sun Sign
Sun Sign Prediction: Libra - The sign of the Judge, the Ambassador
Personality: Diplomatic, charming, easygoing, balanced, indecisive, detached, fair-minded, alert, changeable, artful.
Positive Qualities: Refined and graceful, just and balanced, diplomatic, charming, intelligent, alert.
Negative Qualities: Easygoing, sometimes lazy, indecisive, selfish and changeable, vacillating, detached, insincere.
You can charm birds off the trees, chuckles Ganesha. You make charming leaders. With a fine sense of balance and are very balanced in outlook, you cannot do without friends and can make good listeners. Being diplomats, you are smooth sailing people. With your balanced outlook, you are fair and just in your dealings. You follow the rules of etiquette. You have a variety of friends and would like to enjoy frequent get-togethers with them. Though you are friendly, you would like to stay clear of controversies. Being a social creature, you like partying. You possess good persuasive skills. Lack of harmony in the environment could disturb you. You work well in association with people. You possess artistic inclinations and are ideal romantics. You can shine in showbiz and music. Your appearance is beautiful and charming. You tend to avoid confrontation even when necessary. Laziness, indecision, approval-seeking and fear of rejection are some of your drawbacks. You tend to postpone decisions.
Birth Number
Birth Number Prediction: 28
Ganesha finds you a natural leader of any congregation that you may be in. Taking over in any situation and straighten things out or direct them toward a successful culmination comes to you quite naturally. Your originality and creativity put you out ahead of the pack, and your organizational ability lets you put your ideas into practical motion. You are a dynamic team player and thrive on the cooperative spirit. Isolation irks you. In fact, you are at your best in a team. Warm relation-ships are essential for your very being. However, you should not get so involved with other things that you out-step them. Friendships are too important to you to risk losing them.
Chinese Sign
Chinese Sign Prediction: Snake
Ganesha finds you very wise and intelligent. Because of charming personality and wisdom, you are generally popular amongst your own circle. You can easily impress the others and attract them towards you. A deep thinker, you generally keep your windows open for new prospects. You may love to spend few hours with your own self for meditation or self dialoguing. Ganesha finds you a quick decision maker. You take good care of your own self and have high tastes and believe in quality of things. A worthy philosopher and guide, you make friends very easily and keep them attracted towards you. Knowingly or unknowingly you lend up making yourself indispensable in your relationships. Apart from being very sober you are also charitable and kind hearted. As a result often you leave good impression on the others. However, Ganesha warns you of being over calculative and jealous. You may also become very possessive in adverse circumstances. Sometimes you may also be quite suspicious. You must not be very judgemental and stingy otherwise you may loose reputation, cautions Ganesha.